Ambassador Lewis talking about his life and new Book

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Foreword by Don Graham, Former Publisher of The Washington Post

Reader: I am pretty sure that if you read much of this book, you will find yourself saying: “This guy is too good to be true.”

Yes, that's what the friends of Del Lewis have spent their lives saying.  A success in business, in politics, as a husband and as a father, Del is a little hard to believe.

Here's something still more unbelievable:  Del's continual success and his reputation for brains, reliability and decency might easily have left a trail of jealous people and of rivals.  That didn't happen. 

For one thing, Del was never consumed by ambition.  He took time to actually do the jobs he had—Peace Corps country manager, telephone company executive, president of National Public Radio—before going on to the next one.......

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-BILL RICHARDSON, Former Governor of New Mexico, Former Secretary of Energy, Former United Nations Ambassador, Former United States Congressman from New Mexico


Del Lewis has a lot to say and he is worth listening to!

When I first met Del, I was working for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Capitol Hill and Del was Chief of Staff for Delegate Walter Fauntroy of Washington DC. Later, he became an executive with Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Company and was a rising star in business in the Washington DC community......